Friday, January 28, 2011

New and upcoming...

Hmm... where to start. I got censored last time by the big mama. Had to delete some of my rantings. Guess freedom of speech is not free after all. No worries, Mom. Momma always knows best, and it would have turned around and bit me in the behind eventually. In other news, we are losing one of our cast members, but because of the whole censorship thing, I cannot comment on any of it. Let's just say the person who is leaving is going with all the best that she deserves. There, I've said too much. But there is another good lesson to be learned there.

Okay, that aside, we had an interesting cruise. Our senior production manager up and left, so we had some issues with the Shimmy show. Had to cancel it for two nights and then cram it in at the end of the cruise. So we got our new PM, and he is awesome. The shows were ranked in the top of the Sun Class ships... kudos to Leanne and the rest of the cast minus one.

Did some really cool tours. Again, thought of my niece, Gaby, while I was watching the penguins at one of the tours in Auckland... it was awesome. Pics are here, too. The new camera is being a bit of a challenge... it doesn't like to focus on things close up... working on our relationship there.

Enjoy the pics. Only a couple more cruises until Peggy comes on board, which will be cool. Looking forward to seeing her and getting some work done on our play.

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