Friday, January 4, 2013

The New Year is upon us!

So, I guess I will continue writing on my blog.  It is a  way to vent out my frustrations when I have them, as well as a voice out there on the web.  Ah well.

So last night I performed my one man show "Broadway Dreams" again.  What a tough crowd.  Small and quiet.  From the opening number, I couldn't help feeling "what the heck am I doing this for?"  I guess they liked it in the end, but again, they were very quiet.  I got spoiled I think on the world cruise and on other cruises where I had time to get to know some of the passengers.  This time around, we had only done one show, so they still haven't been able to grasp who I am yet.  It happens.

After the show, I was de-greeting the guests, and a guy comes up to me and tells me in no certain terms that I didn't have enough Elvis in my show.  I wanted to call him a freaking idiot, because it was a show about Broadway music, but I bit my tongue.  I guess this show really would work better in the states.  While I was performing, there were six people that got up and left during the show.  Right in the middle of numbers.  What the hell is that all about?

Aside form being rude, it made me feel like crap.  Like the job I do was sucking so bad that people would get up and leave in the middle of it.  Talk about a blow to the ego. 

Live and learn, I guess. 

I couldn't sleep last night.  Again.  I have tried soft music, warm milk, reading, watching tv, meditating (which to me is a joke), as well as a good old attempt to relieve tension.  TMI, I know.  But what's a guy to do when he can't sleep and it is becoming a habit that I cannot get out of.  As a result, I have literally slept through two ports, and have now been on the ship for six days with no shore leave.  Very frustrating.

I tried to make it into a positive thing, though.  I dragged out a couple of other projects I am working on, including a play and a musical (Paul...) and tried reading the source material again for the musical (Paul...).
All to no avail.  I think I wrote half a scene of the play, which I think is actually going to be a great vehicle for a young actor, but it just isn't going where I want it to. 

Ugh.  Even as I type this I am thinking to myself...who cares?  The monsters are talking to me, I guess.  I am supposed to be starting The Artists' Way again, but I have such a lack of motivation that I just can't get past the opening paragraph of the author's notes.  Go figure.

Hopefully tonight will hold something different in store for me.  I am going to try to get to bed at a reasonable hour, as well as get up at a normal time.  We have two shows tomorrow night of Save The Last Dance, so at least tomorrow night I should be somewhat tired. 

I have nothing more to say, really.  So, until next time...



  1. Do I need to show up and snore you to sleep? Or Kick you in the butt? or . . . . can't wait to see you when you get home. At least for a bit. Send me phone info again so I can call. I'm a dork and can't seem to locate it anymore.

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  3. Hi JM

    By reading your bloggs it gave us a good insight into what happens behind the scenes in the entertainment world.

    We have just come back from the New Zealand New Year cruise, our first, and we've had an absolute blast.

    What made our time so much more enjoyable, were the 3 shows, especially the last one, Brittish Invasion. My wife and I met you at Horizon Court after the show and we felt privilege to have been able to meet you in person, as we both are huge fans (you also allowed us to take your picture). We still have some of the tunes and visions of the show in our minds... perhaps a way of wanting to hold on to our wonderful cruise holiday.
    These shows were by far the best we've ever seen and will hopefully see more in the future.

    You are a very talented performer and if you seem to get a crowd of "lifeless zombies", don't see this as a reflection on your performance.

    We wish you all the best... hope to see you on Broadway!

    Mark & Engeline