Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

It is Thanksgiving Day here.  We are in Auckland, New Zealand.  I didn't sleep at all again last night, which was very frustrating.  I was trying to identify why it is that I have stopped sleeping, and I really have no idea.  It used to be thoughts of May 16th, 2007, but now it is simply age, I think.

The last three days have been spent at sea, and I have been teaching my "Afternoon at the Improv" class for the schoarship@sea program on board.  We started with 9 people, and we have grown to about 20.  Very exciting.  The group is hysterical, and they obviously love to have fun.  The Cruise Director's father is traveling with us, which is somewhat nerve-wracking, but he is a nice and gentle man who is there to have fun, and not necessarily spy on the goings-on around the ship.

They are closing the watertight doors, which usually means my internet is about to be cut off, so I will write more after dinner tonight in the dining room.

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