Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pondering the world

I was sitting backstage a few days ago watching the accordion player warm up for his show.  It made me think of my Auntie Evelyn and her accordion.  Then it made my mind wander to my Grandpa Katona and listening to him play his violin and talk funny Hungarian phrases to my Great Grandma Cihlar. 

Then I began to feel old.  And lonely.

My leading lady has a new boyfriend, so the time she and I would be spent hanging out, she now has someone else to hang out with.  I am jealous.  There I said it.  But I will be okay.  Just lonely. 

We are traveling to New Caledonia and the islands of Fiji this cruise, which makes me wonder "What on Earth do I have to be upset about?"  Nothing.  Things are great.  I have a wonderful job, some great friends in the States, and we have a president who hopefully will start to turn things around in the next four years.  If we have four more years.

Earthquakes are happening all around, storms are destroying people's lives and our infrastructure.  What is next?  Those people who subscribe to the December 21st, 2012 theory are probably doing their last bits to hunker down and get into survival mode.  And here I am floating around on a luxury liner, waiting to find what, Mister Right?  Does he even exist?  Even if I found him, would he stay interested in a guy who spends most of his life moving around?   Not to mention the other issues that come with dating a guy like me.

Ugh.  I am a mess.  Please know, dear reader, that I will be over this in a matter of days.  It comes and goes with the phases of the moon.   Mom asked me to blog, and so here I am, blogging.  I wish I had some great humourous story to write about, but not much funny stuff is happening. 

I did two shows of Moments to Remember with my fly down.  Is that funny?  Apparently there were people in the first row who were trying to let me know, but I managed to miss their signals.  Thankfully, the costume is one where the pants are baggy, so the fly sorta stays shut automatically.

I have been watching the entire series of "Brothers and Sisters", which has not really helped my loneliness, and then when I get to the end of the series, the last three episodes are missing, and the final episode only has 8 minutes in the file.  Ugh!  Very frustrating. 

So now I have moved on to "Once Upon A Time".  This is a fascinating series!  I was hooked from the pilot episode, and even though I am only on episode 5, it is awesome.  I would love to be a writer for a series like this one. 

Speaking of writing, one of the things I need to hunker down and do myself is get back to writing.  I have so many projects started, and I should finish them.  Oscar, 031, Under the Bus, and others need some attention.  If I want to win the Pulitzer for Playwriting, I need to get to it. 

I am still trying to save money, and believe it or not, I have been doing my best so far out of any contracts.  There are days where I can go to port and spend a couple hundred dollars, but there are also entire cruises where I spend next to nothing.  I am proud of myself.  I hope it helps me establish some roots somewhere in the next year or so.

I am worried about the house on Fire Island.  I don't know if it is standing or a pile of rubble, and I have not been able to get through to Michael to see what the status is.  Michael is not doing well, apparently, and that has me worried, too.  I don't like being away from all this uncertainty.  But no doubt it will follow me wherever I go, right?

I have been considered for another contract on the Sea Princess, for the beginning of the next world cruise in 2013, but I have yet to see a contract, and don't know if I should take a teaching position that I have been offered as well.  They overlap, so i can only choose one.  Not sure what to do.

So there you go.  My blog post.  I will do my best to try and post more.  Until then, thanks for reading. 

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