Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Melbourne bomb threat, and an airborne bomb threat

Melbourne. Last week. A suspicious package arrives on the dock, which does not have any sort of label and isn't on any of the package manifests. The drug sniffing dogs come and they go ape-wazookies. But not for drugs. For bomb making materials. Four hours later, the passengers can get back on board, the port is open again, and we are underway. I have no idea what the package was, but thankfully it wasn't addressed to me.

The airborne bomb? Norovirus comes to the Sun Princess. On my hall, nonetheless. Needless to say, I stayed as far from the quarantined cabin as I could.

Got my "jab" for the H1N1 virus. Had a sore arm, but nothing more than that.

Can't believe the holidays are here and the year is almost over. I remember last holiday being in New York City, and now, here I am in Fiji. Wow.

So we are in Bay of Islands, New Caledonia. It is absolutely gorgeous. The weather is fabulous, and the scenery is amazing. I tried the local fare, which was some sort of veggies cooked in banana leaves with chicken, or some sort of meat... it was good. Bland, but good. Did Tribute last night and the night before. I was a tragic mess during the finale for the second show last night. Man, there is no escape if you make a mistake in the choreography. I stood there looking around like a lost animal. Totally missed at least three counts of 8. Thank goodness I am out of the way and off to the side. I looked like a freak, no doubt. Ah! Live theatre!

OH! So the big news is that PGT has finally seen some sort of logic and extended our contract up through to dry dock. I had been wondering why they were sending a new group on just before dry dock, which is amazingly stupid, but now we get to stay on board for another six weeks! I get to go to Asia! I will post my ports later. My new arrival date back in the states is April 16th.

Enjoy the pics of New Caledonia and other places I have visited since the last post.

And everyone have a safe and happy holidays! I miss you all!

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