Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All's Well in Wellington!

Wellington, New Zealand. It is cold and windy here. I thought it was supposed to be the summer here! What's up with the 40-50 degree weather? It has been rainy for the past couple days, which kept me on the ship yesterday in Christchurch, but today I had to get out and see Wellington. I am so glad I did, too, as it is art deco HEAVEN! I love this place! Well, architecturally speaking. I accidentally walked into a coffee factory today, which was interesting. The people just kind of looked at me wondering what I was doing there. I, of course, pretended that was exactly where I was supposed to be, told them what a great job they are doing and to keep up the good work. Then I left.

Okay, so finally, some new pictures of where I have been and what I have been doing. It has taken a while, but enjoy.


  1. I could just see you doing that, like Jimmy Stewart, or James Bond. Only you could do a recovery like that.

  2. miss you!! just finished Into the Woods auditions