Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christchurch, NZ

Busy cruise! So far we have already been at red level (norovirus), as well as the unfortunate fact that for some reason my hand has gotten infected, and the infection is spreading up my arm. Very unpleasant and uncomfortable. I have been performing the shows with a stent in my arm, which makes fast costume changes very interesting. I'm hopefully getting better, though. Getting the infection lanced today at 4.

Don't you hate it when you would swear that there is a restaurant somewhere in the town you are in, and you can't find it anywhere? There is a Chinese place somewhere (thought it was here) that has the best dumplings... I, of course, get the whole gang ready for them, and now I can't find it. Hate that. All these ports seem to be starting to blend together.

Been doing more tours. Did a luge tour the other day, which was amazing... tons of fun. Then I went on a bus tour to the top of this mountain where I saw sheep and thought of my sister. Had one of the best cups of tea I have ever had, overlooking the cliffs of Wellington. Awesome. Enjoy the pics...

Mom, I think there might be a door or two in here for you!

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